Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knit some leaves for a community project

Hey - check this out! I've taken this whole post from the OutdoorKnit blog - but it's such an awesome idea that we should all get behind it!

Knitsch, OutdoorKnit, Craft2.0 and the New Dowse are excited to reveal:

It's a tree!

This is a collaborative community project, which means we need

The idea is this:

there are a few very tall lamp posts outside the New Dowse in Lower Hutt, and OutdoorKnit decided it would be a pretty fun idea to turn them into something different...trees!

What OutdoorKnit needs is lots of knitted, crochet or even sewn flowers, leaves and native birds to cover these 'trees'. The best medium for this is acrylic - it wears better when the weather gets a bit grotty.

Get knitting people!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spinning A Yarn Winner!

Wow, I had so many entries blogged, emailed and tweeted to me for the amazing Tussah Silk fibre from Spinning A Yarn. You know you all wanted it... but there is only one winner and it is:

clare :: greenvalleycrafts

Well done to you!!

And the rest of you can sulk for a minute, but then head straight to Spinning A Yarn's felt store and buy some for yourself.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sale Time!

Boxes are now on sale at! Happy shopping, and please check out the great suppliers at

RW Scissors Samples!

We have knits! A last minute surprise package of the highly sought after RW Scissors Knits badges have arrived in time to add to the mountain of samples for the boxes. These are the perfect accessory for your knitted garments, such as hats or scarves, or even to wear with pride on your bag on days when you aren't wearing anything you've made yourself. The secret signal to other knitters that you are a knitter in disguise...

Check out more from RW Scissors, and visit them in real life at various craft markets around Auckland, especially Kraftbomb.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ballot Winners!

I just drew a ballot for some lucky crafters who have a confirmed NZ Yarn Sampler Box with their name on it. Check your email & Ravelry messages to see if it's you! If not, no worries, the rest of the boxes go on sale on Saturday at 6pm at

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wool Things Samples!

Jacqui from Wool Things has sent in a huge case of wonderful merino sliver! Each sample is a hugely generous bag of single-coloured 19 micron merino fibre. There is quite an assortment of colours (the picture shows just a few), so if you are a spinner and manage to buy a sampler box, you can message me with your favourite colour and I'll do my best to make sure you get something you like!

Wool things has 71 colours available, so if you are into spinning or felting, then you should really check them out. Request a current price list for the latest exciting fibre temptations! Check out their website at

Wool Things factory is situated in the small country town of Eketahuna in the lower North Island of New Zealand. On your next road trip, why not make a stop.

Plus, there is a very cool photo tutorial on their website for making an amazing felt hat - check it out!

Vintage Purls Pattern!

Vintage Purls have very kindly sent a big package of patterns to go in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box. Most boxes should receive this Blue Sky Baby bobby sock pattern! How fun! It uses under 75g yarn, so why not give it a go with some of your sample yarns.

Blue Sky Baby is a toe-up pattern. Work as an ankle sock for a interpretation of the 1950s bobby sock or make the leg longer for a warmer option. The lace stitch for this pattern comes from a 1937 jumper pattern. The lace repeat is just four rows long and quick to knit. For a twist on conventional sock construction the gusset is on the bottom of the foot, it lines up nicely with the bottom increase for the toe. A traditional french toe gives three radiating lines for an interesting and eye catching look. The picot hem is a pretty finish to any lace pattern and is nice and stretchy for ease of wear.

You can purchase this and other Vintage Purls sock patterns for only $7 here:

Register for the sale date!

Hi new blog visitors! Read about what's in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box here, and to be kept in touch with updates and competitions and the all-important sale date and time, register at or email me at

Time is counting down for the box drop......

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spinning A Yarn Giveaway!

Wow, would you look at this beautiful Tussah Silk Sliver from Spinning A Yarn. WANT WANT! This could be yours (if you can pry it from my hands!). Jessicah has very generously sent in this beautiful fibre she's created - and it will be given away to a random winner on Monday 12th April at 8pm. All you need to do is Tweet/Blog/Facebook/whatever the following:

I want to win the Spinning A Yarn Tussah Silk! Thanks to & @blendy

Make sure you include @blendy if you're using Twitter so that I can see your entry, and everyone else can either reply in the comments of this blog with your entry link, or email me if you prefer so I get your entry. (Don't send me the statement above - I want to see the link to where you have told the world about the competition! eg paste it into your Facebook or Twitter status).

Good luck! AND.... don't forget the NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes go on sale this weekend!!!

Fab Fibres Samples

Once again, we are very lucky to have the very generous Fab Fibres samples in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box. There are so many different colour mixes, it's just wonderful! These sampler bags are an ideal taster for crafters who use yarn for embellishing, scrapbooking or creating a wide variety of crafts. You get a skein of mixed yarns, plus a 10m hank of metallic yarn - they are all so beautiful and I'm sure I could think of a way to use every one of these myself!!

These are great items we all need in our stash for making something look extra fancy. And if you have an interesting craft in mind that needs something that little bit more special, then check out Fab Fibres and be amazed.

Fab Fibres is the place to visit when you need fabulous yarn crafting supplies! Check out their website now!

Mixed Textural Threads
Dolls Hair
Nepalese Yarns
Treasure Packs
Freeform Knitting & Crochet Yarn Packs
Sue Croke

Jackie Z Pattern

Jackie Z (or kiwigirl71 as you may know her on Ravelry) has sent in this really cute pattern to make a Little Trinket Bag using various samples from your box. What a great idea! All boxes will receive her pattern card, or if you miss out on a box you can download it free from her ravelry page, using the code 'Blendy'.

You can also check out her other patterns for small things to make using sampler box yarns (including some super-cute socks) , and also some very impressive hand made soaps at fudge!

The NZ Yarn Sampler Box is sold primarily at, and many of the suppliers you will find in the box also sell their products in their own Felt store. If you are a crafter, you will know how great this website is! If you are someone who likes to buy amazing and unique hand crafted creations, then you need to check it out right now.

Felt is your online outlet dedicated to all things handmade.
Whether you're shopping for quality handcrafted goods or looking to sell your creations, this is the place for you. Register now – it's fast, easy and free!

Lucy at Felt has sent in a whole box load of yummy fudge, because as we all know, sugary treats + craft = AWESOME!! Thanks Lucy!

Blendy's Crocheted Snood Pattern

I recently went to a 1930's themed wedding, so I decided to crochet a snood. I had no idea what that word meant until I did a bit of research, but it is the term for those crocheted hair nets the women used to wear. I found a few patterns, all suggesting you make many in various colours and sizes for all occasions. I ended up making up my own pattern, based loosely on a few that I came across, and I wanted to share it! All boxes will contain my pattern card.

It is a bit hard to see in the picture, but it is a crocheted netting with flowers on some rows. I've also added in some beads as a feature on some of the flower centres. I had intended on having my hair styled in 1930's curls, and the bag would hold the hair - my hairdresser had other ideas however, and pinned it on like a little beret, but it still looks fun!

And best of all, you should be able to make this using one of the sock samples in your box.