Thursday, December 3, 2009

FREE Blendy Pattern!

I had to take a quick deviation from working on my sock book because it's nearly Christmas, and a handmade tree is the best kind. I've written 5 patterns for knitting your own cute little mini stocking decorations - for your tree, or give them away to your friends! And the best part is they use up all your little bits of leftover yarn.

AND, I'm giving away the Fuzzy Santa Mini Stocking for free! Visit my patterns page where you can download it, and see pictures of the other mini stockings. You can also buy all 5 patterns for the bargain price of NZ$5. And... you are totally welcome to knit these up and sell them at craft fairs etc :)


  1. awww Cute! .. need to make that!

  2. Tee hee, very cool :-). I remember having little knitted stockings on the xmas tree when I was a child. Handmade decorations are so much nicer than mass produced ones aren't they :-).