Thursday, January 14, 2010

Comvita Skincare Samples

I'm sorting through all the amazing samples that are about to be made into NZ Yarn Sampler boxes, and I came across the first samples I got and thought you'd appreciate a reminder. I know it's not knitting related, but it is from New Zealand, and I'm sure all knitters would love to try some NZ Skincare products!

In my 'other' life, I'm a nutritionist and naturopath at, and my friends at Comvita have donated some wonderful UMF18 Manuka Honey skin treatments - EVERY BOX will contain a Lipclear Cream (great for coldsores as it also has lysine in it, SkinClear Cream (perfect for problem skin) and Skintensive Cream (to help with scar healing), and a sachet of Huni Every Day Cleanser. This set of products retails for $42, so this is an amazing bonus addition to our NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes!

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