Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get your Knitsch on...

I'm very excited that a new NZ wool seller is featuring in the NZ Yarn Sampler Box! Knitsch sells 100% New Zealand merino hand-dyed sock yarn, and after their launch at Craft2.0 recently, they now have their online shop ready. Check it out at

Sock yarn is totally my thing, so I can't wait to see what the samples will be. And one thing I really love about Knitsch yarns is that they come in 50g skeins instead of the usual 100g. That means you could buy two different colourways to make matching-but-not socks, or you could do what I did with my Olympic socks and buy one skein and stripe it with a matching solid colour.

At NZ$12 a skein, just buy a whole bunch of different colours as a gift to yourself (and your stash)!

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