Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fab Fibres Samples

When I opened the box of Fab Fibres samples, it was like opening a box of treasure! You are going to love these samples. Each bag contains 3 colour co-ordinated yarns - an assortment of 5 different thread (2m each), a 10m hank of metallic yarn (perfect for knitting feature stripes on the Christmas stocking patterns I'm currently working on), and a sample of handmade wool paper. Fab Fibres is where you go to get amazing supplies for whatever your handcraft talent is. Check them out - and their fabulous Treasure Packs for $30 would make great Christmas presents for your crafty friends.

Fab Fibres was created to fill a niche of providing textural threads, initially for embroidery but also for general craft use, such as scrapbooking, tassels, embellishments, cardmaking, costume design and lots more. All threads are commercially manufactured. The product range has gradually increased to include handmade fibre papers, collections of fabrics and threads, and most recently packs of textural yarns for freeform knitting/crocheting or "scrumbling".

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