Sunday, November 8, 2009


I know it's not knitting related, but it is from New Zealand, and I'm sure all knitters would love to try some free NZ Skincare products!

In my 'other' life, I'm a nutritionist and naturopath at, and my friends at Comvita have donated some wonderful UMF18 Manuka Honey skin treatments - EVERY BOX will contain a Lipclear Cream (great for coldsores as it also has lysine in it, SkinClear Cream (perfect for problem skin) and Skintensive Cream (to help with scar healing), and a sachet of Huni Every Day Cleanser. This set of products retails for $42, so this is an amazing bonus addition to our Yarn Sampler Boxes!

I have 5 extra sets to give away this week. Hooray! All you have to do is use your social networking to promote the NZ Yarn Sampler Box and post a link to what you've done in the comments section of this blog. Each link gives you another entry to the draw. You can promote either the Ravelry Group, this blog, or the website at (any or all!)

Anyone can enter (I'll post your prize to any country), and the competition ends on Friday November 13 at 9pm NZ time.

Don't forget to sign up to be alerted when the boxes go on sale!


  1. I tweeted about it @blendy from @farnorf

  2. I shared the Ravelry group, website & twitter account in the Anzula Ravelry group, Facebook group & twitter. This box is going to rock!


    TaaDaaaa My blog post about the Yarn Sampler box! I will also add it to my FB face too!

    (Whskr on Rav.)

  4. I added it to my FB page and told my friends on my Just Hillary Ravelry group! Better go tweet this now!!


  5. Hi :-), I've created a 'Blendy box' post on my blog just for you! Your blog, website and Ravelry group have all been mentioned. Thanks so much for setting this box up, I can't wait to receive a box full of goodies.

  6. Well i've already recruited one follower for you (hi bibandtucker hehe)

    and heres my post for you on my blog Sams Snippets

    which will also show on my Facebook page due to network blogs on facebook

    (i think you can say every angle is covered here hehe)

    and i sooo can't wait for a box!

  7. I put up the following on Twitter (I'm @stitchpunk):
    Love yarn? Want to play with gorgeous samples from NZ? Sign up at to purchase a mini craft fair in a box!

    And also on my Posterous blog

  8. I plurked about Blendy

    & posted about it on my blog

    & twittered about it